Seagulls get past Dolphins in Carr's 100th


Written by Daniel Joyce


Williamstown have defeated Frankston by 30 points in what proved to be a hard-fought contest at Burbank Oval today.

In what was an emotional day for the Williamstown Football Club with the tragic passing of former player Ben Kelly during the week, the players were lead out onto the ground by Kelly’s three sons Judd, Nate and Austin.

In what was also Ed Carr’s 100th match for the Seagulls, the players had plenty of reasons to come out and put on a strong performance against the 14th placed Dolphins.

The match was a scrappy affair to begin with.

Williamstown dominated the play early, keeping the ball in their scoring half for the majority of the first term, but they could not convert this dominance on the scoreboard. It took until the 18 minute mark of the quarter for the first major of the game to be scored, and unfortunately for the Gulls, it was Frankston breaking the drought. This seemed to change the pattern of dominance briefly as the game was played largely in the Dolphin’s forward half for the remainder of the quarter.

Kicking with the wind in the second term, it took only a matter of seconds for a quick kick out of the middle to find Ayce Cordy directly in front, who in turn kicked the Seagulls’ first goal of the afternoon. However, from that point onwards the second quarter resembled a game of ping-pong, with the ball travelling from end to end. Cordy snapped his second moments before the half-time siren for the third goal of the match to be registered. Jack Charleston was resilient in defence, rebounding from the back-line on multiple occasions, as Frankston brought plenty of attacking pressure.

When Conway missed from five metres out on the run, Seagull’s supporters frustration started to show; but he made up for it minutes later when he nailed a set shot from 40 out on a tight angle much to the delight of those in gold and blue. Although it seemed as though Frankston had the better of the term, a midfield lead by Willy Wheeler produced a late forward charge, resulting in a Jack Johnstone goal with just seconds left to cut the margin to just four points at the final change.

Kicking with the all important breeze in the last quarter, Williamstown were still looking the goods to come away with the win. The Gulls put themselves in front when Michael Gibbons ran into an open goal, and any built up stress for Gulls supporters was relieved as further goals were added by Masters, Dorgan, and Siposs as Williamstown pulled away. Pressure proved the difference in the end as Frankston wilted late after the Seagulls intensity lifted. Williamstown will be breathing a sigh of relief tonight after getting a major scare from a spirited Dolphins outfit.


Final Score


Williamstown: 10.17 (77)

Frankston: 6.11 (47)


Goals: Dorgan 2, Masters 2, Cordy 2, Gibbons, Conway, Johnstone, Siposs.


Best: Wheeler, Dunell, Fahey, Charleston, Masters, Dorgan.

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