Long equipped to make her mark



Written by Sarah Ramantanis 


Leading her local clubs to victory, new VFLW recruit Sasha Long is eager to find that challenge and push herself to success at Williamstown.     


Starting her football career as a young teen, Long’s determination and eager attitude is what has seen her success take great leaps from Beaumaris, Southern saints and now to the Seagulls.  


The impressive midfielder joins the club after two successive Big V representative appearances. She was also named on a wing in the 2019 VAFA Division 1 Women's Team of the Year.   


“Going from local footy to interleague - that professional environment has motivated me to push my limits and see how much further I can go with it,” Long said.    


This trait makes the young bayside suburban local a strong candidate to achieve success at any club she desires.   


Williamstown’s community values, along with her family history, are what drove her to shift to Melbourne’s west.   


“We have quite a bit of family history in Williamstown, I have family that still live in this area, so the club has always been fascinating to me,” she said. 


“The thing I like about Williamstown is that it still has a community club feel to it - like the culture here is really together rather than divided - it is evident that everyone is here to work together to achieve success.” 


Long has been a really strong player ambitious to constantly self-improve following a dominant stint with Beaumaris. 


“Just within my local league, I have been given a lot of opportunities and I am very fortunate and grateful for it,” she said.   


This success provided her with the opportunity to transition to the Southern Saints.   


“The Southern Saints was a real big jump into the deep end - I learned a lot from the coaches there in terms of the expectations, skills and the commitment you need to have to play at that level,” Long said.   


“It has really motivated me and given me an insight towards understanding what it takes to get to the next level in the future.”   


Long hopes to be heavily involved with the Williamstown club and community next season.     


“I feel that Williamstown have a very strong community vibe, it’s an inclusive environment and an area I have had a passion for getting involved with for as long as I can remember,” she said.   


Described as ‘one of the best players in the league’ by Beaumaris coaches, Long looks forward to testing herself with Williamstown in the 2020 season.   


“My goal is to play as many VFL games as possible - playing in the VFL makes me hungry and eager to find that challenge and push myself to succeed,” she said. 

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