The 1970's saw the Williamstown Football Club return to the top flight of the VFA after its grand final success in Division Two in the previous year. With high hopes of retaining their place in the league for the following season, no one would have believed how it eventually panned out. Williamstown became the first club to come from the second division and compete in the following years Division One grand final where they unfortunately fell to Prahran. The following year the club was dealt a major blow as Max Papley called time on his playing career due to a recurring injury, although he would still continue on as coach. Without Papley's presence on-field the club was left languishing down the bottom of the table


The following year was turned on its head with Papley returning to the field from retirement, as the Seagulls soared up the ladder only to eventually fall in the preliminary final. The following two seasons (1973 & 1974) saw the club battle away in Division One under new leadership finishing mid-table and never looking in contention for finals. A severe blow was dealt in 1975 as once again Williamstown were sent down to Division Two after a disappointing season that resulted in just four wins.


In an attempt to look at the relegation in a positive light, the club looked towards the season as one for the club to regroup and regain confidence by being a force in Division Two. Such was the case that the club came into the finals in a respectable third place but severe underdogs to take out the cup. Through prevailing in some tough, grueling and tightly contested first two finals, the last day of the year was one to remember as Williamstown triumphed over Mordialloc by 57 points.


A disappointing contrast occurred as the club re-entered the top flight of VFA football with the rise coming as quick as the fall, with fans only able to celebrate two wins for the whole year and would therefore be following their team around in Division Two the next year. 1978 & 1979 followed, with the club finishing a disappointing 9th and 4th in the two seasons respectively.



Season by Season Summaries

1970      1971       1972       1973       1974       1975       1976       1977       1978       1979



     Year           President           Coach           Captain           Best & Fairest            Leading Goalkicker     
     1970      Arthur Johnson           Max Papley           Max Papley           Kevin Jackman       Dallas Patterson (72) 
     1971      Arthur Johnson           Max Papley           Ken Barnes      Brian Harvey       Bob Svorinich (54)
     1972      Arthur Johnson           Max Papley           Max Papley           Les Stillman       Mick Mulligan (75)
     1973      Norman Bernard           Barry Gill           Barry Gill           Les Stillman       Les Stillman (37)
     1974      Bill Dey           Barry Gill           Barry Gill           John Fanning       Glenn Townsend (48)
     1975      Tony Arceri           Ted Whitten     


     Michael Kelly       Robert Fox (40)
     1976      Rex Swann      Malcolm Allen           Malcolm Allen           Bob Percy       Michael Brown (67)
     1977      Des Luckhurst      Malcolm Allen           Malcolm Allen      Frank Porcevina            Brian Lowe (45)
     1978      Sid Wookey      John Fanning      John Fanning      Laurie Taylor       Greg Boxall (32)
     1979      Sid Wookey      Mervyn Hobbs      Mark Cross      Neil Courtot       Paul John (59)



     Year       Reserves B&F        Thirds B&F           Secretary         Treasurer 
     1970      Garry Fetch           Phil Humphries                Rex Swann       Alex Bell
     1971      J.James/G.Slater      Ron Gordon               Rex Swann       Alex Bell
     1972      Tad Joniec           Keith Robson           John Grieve       Bob Cairncross 
     1973      Robert Scott           Rodney Walker                John Grieve           Bob Cairncross 
     1974      Richard Radziminski           Gary O'Donovan                Les Dooley       Bob Cairncross
     1975      Peter Gardiner           Neville Kerss                Bill Pride       Leo Schultz
     1976      Bruce Wookey      Laurie Taylor           Bill Pride       George Smith
     1977      Tony McVeigh      Craig Eldridge                Bill Pride       George Smith   
     1978      Johnny Coyne      Kevin Levelle           E. 'Junior' Jackson       Rob Harding
     1979      Jeff Dean      Phil Chapman           E. 'Junior' Jackson       Rob Harding


 Competition Award Winners 

1976 Division Two Best & Fairest - Colin Boyd



1976 Premiership team. 



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