Seagulls take on triathlon in the road to recovery  

The road back both emotionally and physically for Hayden Walters, Christian Buykx-Smith and Jack Dorgan since their respective injuries during the 2018 season has been long, with all three now setting their sights for a return to action in the first half of the 2019 season.

Walters, who ruptured his ACL whilst playing in Grovedale in the Geelong League in April, has shown great maturity following a frustrating start to his rehabilitation due to complications with surgery including an infection and scar tissue. Despite the setbacks, Walters has been progressing well each week and is back into light running duties, giving him confidence the hard work faced in the gym is now paying off.

For Buykx-Smith, the adversity he and his family went through will not be forgotten by his teammates having been hospitalized for three weeks in May following a fall at work which led to Necrotizing Fasciitis, a skin infection inside the body. Following a number of surgeries, Buykx-Smith re-joined his teammates mid-season with his rehabilitation taking a slow and steady rebuild back to his original playing weight and strength. His focus will be now be re-joining the main group in the coming weeks as his body adjusts back to full training.

Dorgan ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee in June for a second time and a fourth ACL repair overall having already undergone two on his right knee. Knowing the rehab requirements, Dorgan has been meticulous in his program to ensure a swift recovery in joining the main group for post-Christmas training. A much-loved character within the playing group, Dorgan worked closely with Buykx-Smith as part of his recovery and also took time to give support to close teammate Michael Gibbons during the Draft held back in November.

“To see the three boys where they are at with their own rehabilitation is welcoming from an on-field point of view and no doubting our supporters can’t wait to see them back on the field once they are ready to go. The three of them have been through a lot both physically and emotionally; as they re-join the main training group it will certainly be satisfying for them. A credit to our Medical & High-Performance staff in their work to date in ensuring their path back to full training has been very comprehensive. The support of their own families hasn’t gone unnoticed either” said GM-Football Stephen Soulsby.

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