"Embrace" the big games: Collo 



Having recently signed a two-year contract extension, Williamstown coach Andrew Collins is about to embark on his sixth consecutive preliminary final with the club since taking the reins in 2014. 


Collins joined SEN Drive with Andy Maher and Bob Murphy yesterday afternoon to discuss and relive some of his effectual football background and key traits to being a modern day coach.


One caller rang in to seek Collins’ thoughts on how to tackle a local state-league grand final from a leader and coaching point of view. 


The 54-year-old Seagulls coach responded with wisdom.  


“It’s a big game. Address it, laugh at it, embrace it,” he said. 


“We’ve played in the last five preliminary finals at Williamstown (in my time) and only got through to one grand final, so we’re coming into our sixth prelim final in a row for only one grand final.


“It needs to be addressed, and don’t hide from it. These are great learning opportunities that we’ve had in the past. 


“I was watching a documentary last night and I heard this about stress and worrying - it’s the bully of the world.


“You can’t give in to that. Just embrace it. The best way to do it is ‘we’re in it together, we’re gonna have fun and we’re just gonna get each other through. Win or lose I’m glad I’m playing with ya’.”


When asked about modern management, Collins disclosed how far coaching has come in the past 30 years. 


“I was reflecting on this coming in today,” he began to explain.


“I just retired and was offered the Sandringham VFA coaching job and it was my old club, I’d played VFA football and I was a premiership player there - best and fairest - and I said ‘yep I’m gonna take it’. 


“I just remember sitting down with the leaders and a list of team rules, and one of those (were) that you had to be at training by 5:30 and if you didn’t, the door was locked.  


“In hindsight there was no reflection on the individual, was there? And these were the silly team rules that existed in the ‘90s, and they just didn’t reflect anything on the individual. 


“So there’s been a real shift about the wellness of athletes and I think that if you don’t respect the individual now and develop the individual then you’re really putting your own position at a disposition. 


“I recently said this to our playing group, my own son is 18 years of age and is going through the footy journey, because of the journey and the highs and the lows that he’s personally experienced, it’s brought a greater empathy into my coaching.”


Listen to the full discussion between Collins, Maher and Murphy by clicking this link: https://bit.ly/2ksndPF  





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