Fred Hall's Departing Words.

 In writing this short summary, it was never my intention to leave the job at season’s end 2017, however life’s great balancing act is often underestimated when you are consumed by things that give you a fantastic buzz whenever you seem to touch it, and this was certainly the case for me in regards to all of the duties I have undertaken at the Williamstown Football Club.


Whilst it is with a tinge of sadness to come to this point in my football time with the club, I would like to highlight to all of members and supporters, along with our players, coaches, full time staff, and the unbelievable band of loyal volunteers, that we have made some real progression off field in the last two years whilst remaining super competitive on it, albeit extremely disappointed that we didn’t reach the ultimate goal of realising a premiership in 2017.

In leaving I am very proud to say that we have a club that is leading in many areas that often go under the radar, but the club is committed to being the very best organisation it can be in a very competitive environment.

Your board has been brave enough to install change across the board and the legacies left are numerous, community has been a big focus for the club and we are actively engaged in many programs across the Hobsons Bay community.

The diversity that the club strategized some time ago has been clearly demonstrated by the addition of the first standalone VFL Women’s team, this will breathe plenty of life into the club and the wider community and shows that the club is prepared to be a leader in the competition, others will follow our lead in time, but be assured we were the first to pull it off!

Our financial positioning has grown stronger by the years and we have set in stone a long term strategy that sees the club stay competent and competitive for many more years.

The Club has a strong vision for facility development to benefit the western region football programs and indeed the wider community.

It is my belief these are positive steps for a greater outcome and when delivered, will assure the long-term pathway for all western suburbs players of both genders, striving to make the biggest game in town.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the board members I have worked with in the past six years whilst serving, as well as to the CEO’s who have given so much of their time here. Also, to all of those people who have offered advice, criticism and matter of fact opinions.

 I have loved every minute that I have been involved, after twelve years as a volunteer, I wish my successor all the very best and my one hundred percent full support. I will certainly be around at the games as a member, it is imperative that anybody reading this needs to understand, if you are not a member become one now, the club has so much to offer now and in the future.






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