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Volunteer Week: Four Wonderful Volunteers from the Gulls Coterie

June 12, 2024
At the heart of the Williamstown Football Club lies a dedicated group of volunteers whose efforts ensure our club's home games and events run smoothly

At the heart of the Williamstown Football Club lies a dedicated group of volunteers whose efforts ensure our club’s home games and events run smoothly. Among these invaluable contributors are four exceptional women members of the Gulls Coterie: Suzanne Connelly, Karen van Wyngaarden, Carol Utber, and Judi Jeremiah. Their commitment, enthusiasm, and hard work make a significant difference to the club and the community it serves.

Suzanne Connelly

Suzanne Connelly, who joined the Gulls Coterie in 2022, became a committee member in 2023 and was appointed joint Chair of the Coterie in 2024. Suzanne’s contributions are vast and varied. She is the diligent editor of the Gulls & Club 1864 Newsletters, ensuring that all members are well-informed and engaged with the latest news and updates. Beyond her editorial work, Suzanne plays a crucial role in organising and assisting with fundraising events. On match days, Suzanne seamlessly shifts between roles as needed. Whether she’s selling raffle tickets, manning the BBQ, or overseeing the Morris St gate, Suzanne’s reliability and enthusiasm shine through.

Karen van Wyngaarden

A long-term member of the club and a local resident, Karen van Wyngaarden’s joined Suzanne in 2024 as joint Chairperson of the Coterie, bringing her wealth of passion to the team. Karen’s contributions include assisting on the gate, helping with the President’s lunches, and selling raffle tickets, ensuring that every event runs smoothly and efficiently. Karen’s commitment extends far beyond these visible roles. Over the years, she has been a key organiser in numerous fundraising activities. Her connection to the community and her added support as a player sponsor make her an invaluable part of the Williamstown Football Club.

Carol Utber

Since joining the Gulls Coterie in 2004, Carol Utber has been a steadfast supporter and an active volunteer. As a Coterie Committee Member, Carol’s involvement is comprehensive. She assists at events and President’s lunches, often serving as a Morris St gate attendant, where her friendly demeanour and reliability are greatly appreciated. Carol’s local connections have proven to be a significant asset to the club. She has successfully acquired numerous donations to aid the club’s fundraising efforts.

Judi Jeremiah

With family ties to the Williamstown Football Club dating back to the 1950s, Judi Jeremiah’s long-standing commitment to the club is rather inspiring. Her grandfather, father, and uncle all served as Vice Presidents of the club, and Judi has carried on this legacy with pride and passion. As one of the club’s longest-serving volunteers, Judi’s

volunteer roles have varied. She is a Coterie Committee Member, the Coterie President, and a former Club Director. Judi’s skills have been instrumental in coordinating countless fundraising events, raffle ticket sales and much much more. Judi is an extremely passionate and loyal supporter, and her dedication to the Club goes far