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VFL Round 11 Match Report

June 12, 2024

VFL Round 11: Williamstown vs Southport

8th June 2024

By Jaryn Makepeace, Williamstown Media

Back-to-back disappointing results as the Seagulls fall short to the Sharks in Southport.

The Queensland weather was perfect for footy as Williamstown met Southport, coming off a disappointing loss to Port Melbourne, while Southport was fresh off their bye week.

Within seconds, Jack Toner came out of nowhere with a strong but high tackle, aggravating the Sharks and sparking a brawl in the middle of the ground. Tension was high early in the game.

Corey Rich put his body on the line as Williamstown got their first inside 50 and their first goal through Brodie McLaughlin. The Sharks answered with an easy goal, giving them a 2-point lead as another scuffle broke out in Southport’s half-forward line. Both teams struggled to convert their entries, but Southport eventually broke through, kicking a goal to extend their lead to eight points.

Southport had most of the possession, managing only two behinds before Brodie McLaughlin slotted a beautiful drop punt from 50, kicking his second to continue his great form. Sad scenes marked the end of the first quarter as Jack Toner suffered a scary head knock after smashing his head on a Southport player. Southport led the first term 3.5.23 to 2.0.12.

Corey Ellison kicked the first goal of the second quarter with a nice set shot. Southport matched the goal, stretching their lead to 12 points. Halfway through the second quarter, Southport dominated the inside 50 count, 25 to 10. Williamstown responded through Nick Ebinger after Southport had dragged the lead to a game-high 17 points, but Southport answered straight away. Despite Shark’s dominance, Williamstown stayed in the game. At halftime, the score was Southport 7.8.50 to Williamstown 5.1.31, with McLaughlin having three goals and Southport having 15 scoring shots from 37 inside 50s.

Poor foot skills let the Seagulls down in the beginning of the third, creating numerous turnovers, though their pressure was effective in preventing Southport from running away with the game. Jovan Petric kept the game alive by marking in the goal square and converting, but Southport replied immediately, making it a 26-point margin. Southport kicked another goal before the end of the third quarter, stretching their lead to 32 points, making a Williamstown comeback difficult.

Williamstown missed a crucial goal that could have given them a chance, leading to the Sharks rebounding and scoring, effectively putting the game to bed. Poor forward entries once again let the Seagulls down. After Southport piled on the goals in the last quarter, Jack Brown was able to stem the bleeding slightly. The final scores were 13.13.91 to 7.4.46.

Brodie McLaughlin was impressive up forward, but the little things once again proved problematic for the Seagulls. Southport, a quality side, got the job done. The Seagulls will return home in Round 12, hoping to bounce back against Northern Bullants in Round 12.

Final Score

Williamstown: 7.4.46

Southport: 13.13.91

Goals: Brodie McLaughlin 3, Corey Ellison 1, Jack Brown 1, Jovan Petric 1, Nick Ebinger 1.

Best Players: Aiden Bonar, Luke Parks, Finn O’Dwyer, Jack Brown, Tom Downie, Toby Triffett.