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Williamstown VFLW Side Attain Historic Success

May 24, 2024
With just four rounds remaining before the 2024 final’s series, the Williamstown VFLW team deserves recognition for their remarkable season of record-setting and historic victories.

Williamstown VFLW Side Attain Historic Success

With just four rounds remaining before the 2024 final’s series, the Williamstown VFLW team deserves recognition for their remarkable season of record-setting and historic victories.

The start of the season was nothing short of spectacular. In round 1 the team recorded the highest-ever VFLW score in Williamstown’s history. This achievement was just the beginning of a run of exciting matches that has defined their season so far.

In Round 8, the team celebrated a 4-point win over North Melbourne, marking the club’s first ever VFLW win against the Roos. The momentum continued to build, and in Round 9’s game against Carlton, the team set another record by booting their highest-ever score at our home ground, DSV Stadium. It was also the Seagulls highest-ever score against Carlton.

Before the 2024 season, only two VFLW players had reached the milestone of 50 games for Williamstown, Eliza Straford and Jazz Kawa. Following Round 9, three more players – Sharnie Whiting, Megan Williamson, and Erin Meade – have now reached this milestone.

According to Senior VFLW Coach Liam Cavanagh, these milestone games have had a positive impact on the younger players, highlighting the experience and stability they bring to the team.

“The growth of our young players is a direct result of the leaders we have spread across the field,” said Cavanagh. “Not only have they accumulated games, but their experience in finals and the high standards they set have been invaluable.”

Cavanagh has been extremely impressed by the ability of new 2024 signings, Kiera Leare, Mikayla Plunkett, India Barker, Neve Crowley, and Ella Tyson to step up and perform alongside those more established players.

“Seeing these young players come into the team and perform at a high level makes me very excited for the future of our program over the coming years,” said Cavanagh.

Discussing the team’s offensive success, Cavanagh credited forwards coach Justin Beach for his training routines.

“Justin has worked with every player to help them harness their individual strengths,” Cavanagh explained.

“We have tried to create the most challenging environment possible at training, so that execution almost feels easier in games than it does during the week. That’s been reflected in the way the girls have backed themselves in the big moments.”

The team’s achievements have undeniably boosted the spirits of both the squad and their supporters.

“A big part of our identity is playing in a way that makes the Williamstown community proud,” Cavanagh said. “The support we have had at games this year has been amazing, and our players play with so much pride when they are in our colours.”

Maintaining this momentum until the end of the season presents both mental and physical challenges. Cavanagh acknowledged these challenges, stating, “We have felt challenges all season – it certainly hasn’t been an easy run. The lessons we have taken from each week have allowed us to grow consistently, and whether we have what it takes to finish the season well, will be determined in time. But I know we are hungry to test ourselves and see how far we can get.”

As the team approaches finals, Cavanagh encourages supporters to come and witness the advanced level of football Williamstown and the rest of the league are bringing to the field this year.

“We are currently experiencing a very special group of players come together to connect and extract the very best out of each other,” he said. “The passion, hunger, and excitement our team brings to every game is the best two hours of the week – this is a team that thrives on making their supporters proud.”

With a season already marked by historic achievements, and a strong sense of unity and purpose, the club and its supporters are excited to see what lies ahead for the team as they head into the critical final stages of the season.